Lamellophone - SANZA Hehe de Tanzanie

TYPE 7m: Sanza à languettes métalliques sur table « en caissette » assemblée / formant résonateur (T7m)


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Type: T7m                                                        
Ethnie: Hehe
Vernaculaireilimba ?
Pays: Tanzanie
Dimension: 35 cm
Matériau: bois, métal
Clavier: de 31 lamelles


The marimba is used among many tribes, but in particular fancied among the people of the Cental Region around Dodoma. The small wooden box is the resonator for a row of metal springs of different lengths. They are touched with the thumbs to produce the required sound.

Source: Wembah-Rachid & kirknaes J.A.R. & Jesper dans TANZANIA - 1990 - p. 29

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